If you take an active part in racing, if you aim at the most important circuits in the world, if you want to improve your driving performances for professional purposes and also give value to your passion, if you think big, we are waiting for you.

Obsessed with performance, our goal is to transmit high-level know-how to the one who drives today and that will drive tomorrow.

IRON LYNX introduces itself in the international motoring scenario. Based in Cesena (Italy), it offers the widest range of services focused on the driver and the automotive product: Driving Academy, Exclusive Events and Incentive Agency, Gentleman drivers Club, a Garage for storage, maintenance and management of top cars, Testing & Support for automotive product development, Training Center for mechanics and racing engineers.

Thanks to the obsessive attention for details and to the in-depth knowledge of this extraordinary sector, we are able to instruct promising young drivers and gentlemen drivers towards the maximum performance and its emotions; a specialized support for motorsport professionals; a range of specific advice for automotive players; services tailored for specific needs.