An amazingly realistic session in any selected circuit that allows you to refine the driving technique, to know the circuit and to mentally prepare yourself for the competition.
Our goal: maximize the performance on the track, in a very short time.

all the main international circuits


Get on board and select the circuit. The coach and the engineer support you in order to get you ready to optimize your performance when off the track.


• Dynamic movement system with 3 actuators (1 front and 2 rear) to simulate rolling and pitching
• Professional steering wheel "Rexing" with "sim steering - Leo Bodnar" engine of latest generation which guarantees a high "force feedback" to ensure maximum driving sensitivity
• Racing pedals with adjustable set-up to guarantee a high braking power and the right feeling




A new GT body is coming. Contact us to book your day.


The Iron Lynx simulator is equipped with a large 12 square meters parabolic screen; 3 projectors; Bose sound system with digital amplifier and subwoofer. The car body is equipped with 3 actuators that reproduce longitudinal and lateral accelerations. The steering wheel and the latest generation pedals transmit reactions near reality. The telemetry is in real time: while the pilot is driving, the graphs on support monitors is drawn with all the parameters (speed, accelerator, brake, steering) allowing the coach to advise the driver in real time. In the telemetry room we can analyse the data acquired after each session. At the end of the day, the pilot can access data via Internet to review them independently, study them point by point, concentrate and get ready to give its best in the next challenge on track.