The 2019 Italian GT Endurance at the Circuit of Mugello has ended with a class victory for Iron Lynx. In the Italian F4 Championship, Amna Al Qubaisi was fighting for a position to score points and has obtained a 13th position overall.

The debut line-up composed of Deborah Mayer, Claudio Schiavoni and Sergio Pianezzola won the GT Light competition with the Ferrari GT3, also reaching the top 10 ranking overall. At the end of the Italian GT Endurance, the team from Cesena saw Luca Demarchi’s third place in the series confirmed – he did not race in Mugello (Florence). The F4 witnessed the young driver Amna Al Qubaisi’s constant positive growth, becoming a protagonist of a very tight position battle among as many as 28 one single seater.

As the Iron Lynx drivers were mathematicallyleft with no hope of winning the drivers’ title, the team attended to the race of Mugello with just the Ferrari 458 driven by Mayer, Schiavoni and Pianezzola.The Italian-French line-up, at its debut in the Italian Endurance Championship, had shown since the qualifying sessions it could fight for the class win.Claudio Schiavoni and Sergio Pianezzola obtained the best laptime in class in their respective qualifying rounds and Deborah Mayer, back on the racetrack after an absence of a couple of seasons, soon managed to maintain a steady performance with every lap, essential in an endurance competition. Right from the beginning, the Ferrari 458 #134 started contending on equal terms with the Lamborghini Huracán – driven by the new Italian champions – and after an exciting battle during the entire race, Schiavoni first, then Mayer and finally the fast Pianezzola led their car to the 9thposition overall, winning the first place in class.

After four races held in the Italian circuits of Monza (Monza-Brianza), Misano (Rimini), Vallelunga (Rome) and Mugello (Florence), as many as seven drivers with the Iron Lynx colours won points with the Ferrari 458 and the Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo. Luca Demarchi, who did not race in Tuscany, has resulted as the best, ending in third place in the GT Light Italian Championship standings.

There are still other scheduled appointments left. The weekend  from 18 to 20 October will see the final double race of the Italian GT Sprint Championship. Iron Lynx is already on the top step of the podium with Alberto Lippi and Giorgio Sernagiotto with the Ferrari 458 GT3, togetherwith the support of RAM Autoracing,and in second position with the Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo driven by Federico Paolino and Jaromir Jirik who will be fighting on the racetrack in Lombardy  to be confirmed in the final standings.

We leave Mugello enjoying the best final result possible as this endurance race was an intense battle,

points out Andrea Piccini, manager of Iron Lynx Motorsport Lab.

Our car proved to be a fast and reliable one. All three drivers performed in the best possible way, attacking and defending their position during the whole race. The GT Endurance Championship ends successfully for us, though taking stock of the series, having lost precious points in Vallelunga due to the engine failure of the Lamborghini which could not finish the race, still leaves a bitter taste in our mouths. Now we are looking with confidence to final commitments of the season as we will face the weekend in Monza. We will race with both the GT car and the F4 single-seater to close two more championships. In Mugello, the young Amna Al Qubaisi at her debut, sported the colours of  Abu Dhabi Racing by Prema with the car managed by Prema and Iron Lynx in the group of the best. This confirms the good level of learning process we have gained which helps us guide Amna in a highly competitive international championship.

Sure enough Amna Al Qubaisi has obtained a 13th place overall as best result in race 1 among the 28 single-seaters at the start. The great times in the three challenges competed have brought the young driver into the spotlight among the youngest at the Italian F4 Championship proving her worth in battling for a scoring position, one of the results aimed at in her first complete racing year.

Scarperia (Florence), 8 October 2019